Our Name

Elinvar is an organization that thrives on transformation so it is fitting that we chose the name "Elinvar" during our first transformation in 1996. Elinvar is an alloy developed in the 19th century for its consistent strength and flexibility. It was used in railroad watches because of the critical need for accuracy in time keeping on the railroad. We believe that these attributes - consistent results for our clients delivered in a flexible way to fit each organization we serve - are critical for sustained success in today’s ever changing world.

Choosing an alloy as our namesake also speaks to the alchemy that happens when we join forces with clients to tackle their leadership challenges. There are times when bringing an outside expert into your organization can accelerate the process of simplifying the complexities you are facing. Results are driven by people and fueled by effective leadership. So, when the need is critical to achieving your mission, Elinvar is the obvious choice!